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November 2023

Adopting a Pet From Someone who is Ill Or Passed Away

Friday, November 1, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

We recently adopted our cat Atlantis from our neighbor who was very ill for a long time and passed away in July. Atlantis has become a wonderful part of our little family. I was intending to take him to the Vet that I always used for a checkup and nail trimming.  My neighbor used to take Atlantis to the same Vet when she was well. I called to make an appointment and was told that they wouldn’t take Atlantis until I provided proof of my neighbors death. At first I was confused and couldn’t understand the reasoning behind this policy. After speaking to the Animal Hospital further, I realized that this is to ensure that I was now the lawful owner of Atantis. I hung up and found an obituary for my neighbor and gave it to the Animal Hospital as proof. They contacted me and said that this was fine and Atlantis is now on my account. His appointment is set for next week.

I’m glad that I can take him to the same place that he’s been going all along because they have all of his records and I could find out if he had any underlying issues.

Remember if you adopt a pet from someone who has passed, get a copy of the death certificate or an obituary if you’re intending to use the same Vet that they’ve be going to all along.

Remember, your pets count!

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