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December 2023

Ingrown Nails in Cats

Tuesday, October 29, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

Yesterday we noticed that our cat at Atlantis has an ingrown nail. It doesn’t seem to be hurting him but he does need his claws clipped. Normally I would do this myself but since he does have an ingrown nail, I will take him to the vet to make sure it’s done safely and painlessly. had put together ways to safely cut your cats ingrown nail.

Your cat’s nail care is an important grooming procedure and crucial for overall health. If nails are left untrimmed, they can break and become ingrown. Bleeding can also occur. Nails need a trim if they catch on the carpet, your clothes or furniture. Trim them as a preventative measure.

Treatment For An Ingrown Toenail

Begin treating an ingrown toenail by trimming the other nails first and leaving the ingrown one for last. If the tip does not fall off and is embedded in the pad, pull it out gently. If there is an obvious open wound, clean it with hydrogen peroxide two times per day for two days. Neosporin can be applied as well. If there is pus, call the veterinarian for an antibiotic.Filing the nail from the back to the curve at the tip is helpful. If the nails are not trimmed routinely, the claws could curl and grow into the soft paw area, resulting in an ingrown nail.

Precautionary Measures

When trimming your cat’s nails, be aware of where the blood vessels and nerves start so you don’t hurt your cat. You’ll need a trimmer, styptic powder, and a styptic pad, in case there is bleeding. Sit on the floor with the cat in your lap. Hold the paw with a firm grip and gently push the pad to expand the nail. Stop when you notice the pink color that indicates where the quick ends. Cut the nail at a 45=degree angle below the quick.

Measure To Take If Bleeding Occurs

If you cut the soft quick tissue and it causes bleeding, use the styptic powder to stop it. Another avenue for stopping the bleeding is by pressing a cotton ball, Kleenex or paper towel against the paw for one minute. The wound typically will heal quickly. Praise your cat during the procedure.

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