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December 2023

How Long Should You Leave Cats Alone?

Sunday, October 20, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

Cats, they say are independent creatures and could survive by themselves for a very long time. This is both true and false. Outdoor cats are loners and can live their lives in solitary with very little interaction for almost all of their lives. Indoor domestic cats adapt well to their insulated indoor life and although they

do well on their own, they also need the interaction of humans. They need humans for food, affection and to keep them healthy. So should you go on vacation, put out bowls,  food and water and go away on vacation for a week? Some will say this is ok, I say no. Cats have become part of your family, have adapted to family life and need some companionship. They are also very clean creatures and need their litter to be kept fresh and clean. Now if you hire someone to come spend some time and feed your furry friend, that would be perfectly fine.

Yesterday, we had to drive up to New York City to attend a friends memorial and then visit a friend in Manhattan. We were gone about 17 hours and left our two cats. We normally don’t leave them for that long. Before we left I gave them plenty of food and fresh water, and scooped out their litter. Being that we were coming home later that day, we didn’t need anyone to come to feed them.

There is no clear cut answer to this issue but I have my own theory. It’s ok to leave you cats for you’re only gone for a day or two but any longer than that, you should arrange for someone to come in, feed them, change their water, spend some time time them and make sure that the kitty litter is clean.

Remember, your pets count!

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