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June 2023

Does your cat have a chewing problem? Consider a cat chew toy.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

cat-chewingSome cats have very strange chewing habits. Some will chew on clothing or cotton, mine likes to chew on string. Did you know that odd cat chewing behaviors could result in serious medical complications? If I catch any of my cats chewing on anything that I consider dangerous such as string, I immediately take it from them and get rid of it.  Here are some tips that may help to curb a cats chewing habits.

  • If your cat feels the need to crunch on things, substitute his chewing on something dangerous with something that is good for him. Try carrots, lettuce or dry food. You can also get some cat chew toys.
  • You may want to create a window box that is filled with cat nip or wheat grass. My older cat loves to chew on grass but since I keep her indoors, occasionally I will buy her some wheat grass as a treat.
  • Try hiding some bits of dry food around the house. If will give them something to do rather than chew on things that may harm them.
  • If your cat insists on chewing plastic, wood or fabric, try spritzing those things with a bitter substance or a cat safe repellent.
  • Most cats don’t like the smell of perfume. Mix one part perfume with ten parts of water and spray in the place where you do not want your cat to chew.
  • Make sure that your cat is not chewing on electrical cords. If this is the case, use gaffer’s tape to wrap around exposed cords.

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