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September 2023

Cats Do Vomit but What’s Normal and What’s Not?

Tuesday, September 17, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

I woke up this morning to my cat Atlantis retching. I got up and saw that he had vomited up a hairball. I cleaned it up, pet Atlantis, gave him some hair ball medicine and went back to bed only to be awoken by more retching. It was Atlantis again, he was vomiting again, this time it wasn’t a hair ball. I got concerned of course and I’m now watching him. He seems fine. He’s alert eating a little drinking and coming over to me and my partner for his morning attention. I know Atlantis eats fast and I must say, I spoil him and give him too many snacks. I will limit the snacks starting tonight.

There are many reason why cats vomit that ranges from something serious to eating something that disagreed with them. An occasional, isolated episode of vomiting is usually normal.

Here’s a general rule of thumb.  If your cat vomits once or twice or infrequently and then goes on to eat normally, play normally, pee and poop normally and shows no signs of ill health then there probably is no reason for concern.

If your cat suddenly develops chronic vomiting, becomes listless and is not eating, take him to a vet right away.

Keep in mind, one of the most common reasons for a cat to vomit is hairballs.Hairball medication will help with this problem.  Sometimes a cat eats too quickly which causes him to vomit. Parasites could be another reason for the vomiting. Don’t guess and try to treat your cat by yourself. If the vomiting is persistent and he appears ill, take him to your vet for testing. Chances are, the problem may be taken care of with pet medication.

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