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December 2023

Helping Pet Victims of Hurricane Dorian

Friday, September 6, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

Hurricane Dorian took it’s toll on both humans and our furry friends. This devastating hurricane was one of the worst in history. There are many ways that you can help pets affected by the hurricane. has put together a comprehensive article with great information on how to help. Here’s the article for you.

How to Help Animals in Hurricane Dorian

If you have pets and are affected by the hurricane yourself or want to help animals in need from anywhere else, here is information on how to help animals in Hurricane Dorian. Here are lists of pet friendly shelters for evacuees listed by county as well as animal shelters you can help with donations or volunteering. As the hurricane moves north, this page will be updated to include Georgia, South Carolina and any other affected states.

If You Live in the Affected Area and Have Pets

If you live in the affected area, you know how important it is to find shelters that will let you stay with your pets. To the best of my knowledge this is a complete list of pet friendly shelters in the affected counties on the east coast of Florida as of late Sunday, Sept. 1, 2019. Pet friendly shelters in other affected states such as Georgia and the Carolinas will be added as the storm progresses. Some inland counties have been included here but I have not included every potential county in inland Florida.

Update: Some North Carolina and South Carolina Shelters have been added and Georgia will be added later.

Most shelters require pre-registration or calling ahead. Most require you to bring food for your pet, snacks for yourself as well as proof of rabies vaccine, and basic supplies such as water for yourself and your pet, leash, crate and water and food bowls.

Some locations such as the Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary in Rougemont North Carolina (see below) are private and offering room for large animals and livestock or other means of of helping out.

Airbnb Open Homes Program

Airbnb’s Open Homes program offers free housing for people displaced by Hurricane Dorian. Sign up on the Airbnb page for people displaced by Hurricane Dorian.

If You Want To Help From Any Location

Every time a hurricane hits there are pets and other animals stranded, lost or separated from their owners. Some people can’t take pets with them and turn them over to animal shelters and rescue organizations. Some pets and animals just get left behind or run off and get lost or stranded while scared from the storm. Whatever the cause, there are always animals in need in these events.

These shelters can always use volunteers, monetary contributions and people to foster pets until they can be reunited with their owners or adopted by someone else. Please consider these ways to help animals in the Hurricane Dorian area and across the country. Many shelters and rescue groups have wish lists where you can purchase needed items online from places like Amazon.

Pet Friendly Shelters and Rescue Organizations in Coastal North Carolina

Piedmont Animal Rescue in Mooresville North Carolina is opening an additional shelter on Tuesday, Sept. 3rd for 2 weeks, just to house pets displaced by Dorian. It is located at 110 Robinson Road, Mooresville NC beside Big Daddy’s on Highway 150. The phone number for Piedmont Animal Rescue is (704) 360-4262

Livestock and Horses

Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary in Rougemont North Carolina is offering their property if you want to camp in an RV or trailor and stay with your horses, livestock or other animals. They are located at 307 Bacon Rd, Rougemont NC, 27572. Their phone number is (919) 601-6990. Please consider donating to them or purchasing an item for them from their Amazon wish list.

Remember, your pets count!

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