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October 2023

How to Handle a Jealous Cat

Wednesday, August 28, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

Is your cat climbing on your laptop when you’re trying to work? Did you recently introduce a new dog or cat in the family and you suddenly see your cat chasing them or hissing at them? Does your cat try to swat your cellphone out of your hand while your on it? These are all signs of a jealous feline and it’s very common.

First of all find out what’s making your cat jealous and try to alleviate the problem. Once you notice that your cat is jealous of something or someone, it means that they feel that you are not paying as much attention to them as they might like.  Try spending more time with them. Buy them a new toy and spend time playing each day. Allow your cat to sit on your lap for a longer time. Make sure you give treats to each pet. It’s a delicate balance that takes some time to achieve.

It may not be easy to solve this problem because cats are complicated creatures but maybe you can make life a bit easier by trying to balance the attention and make sure you are giving your pets an  equal amount of your time.

Remember, your pets count!

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