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December 2023

The Best Way to Apply Hairball Medicine

Saturday, August 10, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

We’ve been talking about the new member of my family and his problem with hairballs. Atlantis, our long haired cat has been vomiting up hairballs recently. I administered hairball medicine which is a fish flavored gel. At first I was trying to get him to lick it off of my finger but that didn’t work so I smeared it on his mouth. Well, that went over very badly. Atlantis clearly was very displeased and retreated to a corner. I felt so bad  but I needed to take care of his hairball problem.

The next day I applied the medication to his paw and voila, this solved the problem. He licked it off and didn’t get upset at all. So far, he has not had another hairball. I will administer the medication for another day or two then give it to him once a week for maintenance. I would recommend putting a gel based hairball medicine on your cats paw. This way you’ll stay on his good side!

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