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June 2023

You have pet stain and odor removal products but what’s the best way to remove them?

Sunday, May 16, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

dog-in-toiletIf you have a pet, you will always have some kind of stain that you will need to remove but if you do it the wrong way, you will make the stain worse. If the stain is wet, blot the area with a dry cloth then use a removal product that has absorbent granules.  You may apply these granules directly to the urine stained area. After you have blotted the stain and applied the granules, spray or pour on a pet stain and removal product that contains live bacteria and enzymes. The natural organisms in these products “eat away” the odor causing bacteria. This will permanently remove them from deep in your carpet. This is the best method for removing this type of stain.  The natural organisms do not stop working until they have “eaten away” all of the odor causing bacteria. These products also contain mild detergents which will help to restore the carpet fibers to their original state and leave behind a pleasant scent.

If the stain has dried, do not use the same products that you would use on a wet stain. More aggressive bacteria and enzymes are needed to get rid of dried stains. Special formulas are available that penetrate deeper and are more effective on dried stains. You will need to re-apply within 24 hours.

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