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When One Cat Eats the Other’s Food

Friday, July 5, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

We have a 14 year old cat named Millie and have given a new home to our neighbor’s cat Atlantis. Our neighbor is too ill to care for him. Atlantis is also about 14 years old and is a Siamese. We introduced the two a few days ago. We brought Atlantis to our porch and had the two familiarize themselves with each other. All went very well. Yesterday I decided it was time to take Atlantis inside and introduce him to his new forever home. Once again, all went very well. Atlantis slowly explored each room and corner of our house. Millie observed from a distance but did not get freaked out at all. Atlantis and Millie spent a quiet night without any incidents. We’re very pleased with this progress.

Now when it comes to feeding, this is a little issue. You see Millie eats like a bird. She nibbles a little here and there. Atlantis on the other hand eats and eats a lot. I gave both cats their food at the same time. I put Atlantis’s food in a separate room. He ate his food but then immediately went into the other room and ate all of Millie’s food! Millie doesn’t eat right away but makes several trips to nibble throughout the day. So what’s the solution? I think I may have one. Atlantic cannot jump that high so I will move Millie’s wet food to the top of our washing machine. I will show her that it’s there and hope she knows that she has to now jump up to get at it. There’s not a problem with the dry food, there’s plenty for both cats. It’s the wet food that the current issue. So will this work? Stay tuned.

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