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December 2023

Do Something About Pet Neglect and Abuse!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

If you suspect that an animal is being neglected or abused, you can report the incident to Animal Welfare or many other agencies. Sometimes when we witness extreme neglect or animal abuse, it can be heart wrenching. We want to protect the precious pets anyway we can. Animal abuse and neglect happens all the time. Many owners may start off as “good pet parents” or intend to be “good be parents” but end up being the “nightmare pet parents!”

There are many circumstances that can cause this. A couple of main reasons are illness, alcohol or drug abuse or a combination of both. We all know that when someone abuses drugs or alcohol, everything on the planet centers around them and nothing else matter except getting their next fix. This actually angers me very much because these abusers don’t care about how their behavior affects others including pets. Now many abusers will get the help they need. Feelings and empathy will return and they can become caring pet lovers once again. On the other hand many will not change their behavior and become a menace to their community and their beloved pets.

Since many of these addicted “monster pet parents” don’t care about anything be getting their next fix, usually the pets will live in an unhealthy, filthy environment and are malnourished. Why because as I will continue to mention, alcohol and drug addicts only care about one thing in their existence and that is about themselves and their next fix. They live in a complete deluded world, a world that only exists in their mind!

What can we do as our gut wrenches when we continue to see this behavior? One thing is to report, report, report. report the circumstances to the police, Animal Welfare, the ASPCA and many other organizations that care about helping our innocent furry friends. Be persistent. Animal Welfare has to actually see the abuse before any criminal charges could be filed. If you believe an animal is living in an unhealthy, dangerous environment, call animal welfare in your area, file a report and they will send someone out to check out the situation. Don’t delay, it could save an innocent pet’s life!

Remember your pets count!

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