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October 2022

Keep Your Dog Safe on The Beach and Never Turn Your Back on The Ocean!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

As the weather gets warmer we’ll find more and more dogs on the beach with their owners. Dogs love to be on the beach and they love to run around but there are some precautions that you must take. Pet Health Network covers some very important points regarding taking your dog to the beach.

Protect your dog at the beach
It’s common for dog owners to encourage their dogs to play in the water — chasing a ball into the surf, jumping into the lake or stream to chase a duck. It’s great fun until something goes wrong.  Even a seemingly quiet stream can suddenly open into an area with a strong current that can sweep a dog downstream.  Beaches, especially those that are not patrolled, represent a very real risk of rip tides and breakers that can sweep a dog away into dangerous waters.

Frequently, owners who try and rescue their dog may become trapped in those same breakers and currents. Every year people trying to rescue dogs find themselves in danger and drowning is common.

Big waves can wash people into the water before they realize the threat. The solution is simple. Take precautions when around water and “Never turn your back on the sea.”  

Enjoy the Ocean with your pet but be a responsible dog owner and keep a close eye on him at all times!

Thanks to Pet Health Network for providing the valuable information.

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