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April 2024

Cats with Fussy Eating Habits

Thursday, April 4, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

My cat Millie is one of the fussiest eaters in the world! At least I think she is. Sometimes I wonder how she survives on eating so little. I’ve been adding healthier food to her diet but as humans, she seems to go for “the junk food.” By junk food I mean foods that may be more tasty but not necessarily healthier. She does like Fancy Feast but it really isn’t a very high quality food. She also doesn’t like wet food. So how do I deal with this eating dilemma?

Millie will never be a great eater but I have done some things to improve her diet. I buy a higher quality food and still mix some Fancy Feast in with it. I also give her a half packet of Weruva wet food . Weruva is a higher quality wet food. Millie never eats the whole portion but she does nibble on some of it.

My advice to you if your cat is a fussy eater, introduce higher quality food slowly but don’t remove the food she loves altogether. Always mix in a little with the higher quality food. This will entice her to eat and she’ll also eat the higher quality food.

Good luck with you finicky feline friend!

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