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October 2023

The Good and Bad on Adopting Two Puppies at Once

Sunday, March 31, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

Everything has it’s positive and negative. Adopting two sibling puppies can have some advantages and disadvantages. You’ll have to realize that it will be double the work but the benefits can out weight the disadvantages.

The Good!

1.  The two puppies will keep each other company.
2.  They may not cry at night after you bring them home.
3. Two puppies will be easier to crate train because they have company.
4. Socialization is easy because it is highly likely one will be more outgoing and will encourage the less outgoing to socialize and be more adventurous.  Their behavior will be better when their out and about.

The Bad

1.  There is a serious risk of one or both developing separation anxiety.  They eat, live, play together almost 24-7. If you need to separate one o them temporarily, they other may not take to this too well!
2. They tend to ignore their owners when in a distracting or stressful situation, and turn to their litter mate for guidance.
3.  They often do not bond as strongly to their owners.  They have each other! You may need to work harder at bonding.
4.  It is possible that they will pass away around the same time. Although there are many circumstances to consider other than their age.
5.  You will have twice the vet expenses at the exact same time.  All the shots, worming, blood work, spay / neutering will come up at the same time.

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