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September 2023

In a World Of Disappointment, Our Pets Still Provide us Unconditional Love and Joy

Saturday, March 30, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

As the world gets more crazy and technology continues to “dehumanize” the population, our pets still provide us with continuous love, affection and joy.

Feeling detached is a common symptom of growing older. Today it seems that our youth are so self absorbed that they rarely make an effort to tap into the experience, knowledge and advice of their seniors. Technology has played a major role in altering communication. Texting has taken the place of talking and frequently emotions are expressed with an emoji rather than a human interaction. It’s no wonder that the older population experiences loneliness more than ever before.

Customer Service has become non existent! The older generation feels the hit really hard as they are left to “flounder” in a world of endless automated voice prompts for every problem they encounter with a product or service.

The bright side is that nature and our pets still provide us with beauty, comfort and joy. We’re living in a world where true contentment and happiness is becoming more and more or a rarity. It’s comforting to know that when we open the door, regardless of the kind of day we had, our pets will be there to greet us, comfort us and share their unconditional love … no matter what! The flowers will bloom again, the birds will still sing and the ocean will provide a soothing rhythm as it brushes against the shore.

Remember, your pets count!

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