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September 2023

The Diverse Personalities of Cats

Wednesday, March 27, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

Every cat has their own, unique personality. Some cats are shy, others are very vocal and demand lots of attention, some like to hide most of the day and there are some that takes to one or two people in a household and forms a strong bond.

My cat Molly, who passed away last year was very bonded to me. Every where I went, she would follow. She also wanted all of my attention. It was clear that when I was working on my computer, she was not pleased. She loved cuddling on my lap or next to me in bed. She would let me know what she needed, like treats, more food or even to come outside and sit with me on our deck. I really do miss her.

Our second cat Millie, has a very different, unique personality. She is much more independent and does not like to cuddle or be held for long periods of time. She does let us know her needs. She loves to be pet but on her terms. She likes to lie on her bed in our bedroom and be pet. She will sit in the hallway and stare until one of us gets up, follows her to the bedroom and pets her. She also loves her treats and will sit by her bowl or let us know with a meow that we are late and it’s time for treats. She also loves to be brushed. Every day after my shower, I find Millie sitting by the bathroom door waiting for her daily brush. That brush requires at least 450 strokes (Yes I do count them!) or she will not be pleased and start to meow until I complete the process.

Appreciate your furry little friends as they are all unique little gems making your life fuller and more content!

Remember, your pets count!

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