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June 2023

Why pets make us realize that life is worth living! That’s why they deserve lots of dog or cat toys

Sunday, May 9, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

dog-and-cattogetherYou wake up in the morning and your dog or cat is right there waiting for you. They are always happy to see you no matter what has happened. Even if you were apart for just a few hours, they make you feel that you are the most important person in the world. Your dog is wagging his tail and jumps up to give you hugs and kisses. Your cat is a little more subtle but mine always get up from their naps to greet me. If I pick them up, they contently purr in my ear.

How is this for a gift, your pets give you undying loyalty, unconditional love, and everything good, honest and loving all wrapped up in a ball. It makes you appreciate your life and are glad that our pets are a big part of our lives.

Yesterday I saw a sign in front of the apartment complex next to mine that said (PET FRIENDLY). What a refreshing change from the constant signs that say “NO PETS”, “NO DOGS” etc. That always burns me up that these “hoity toity” complexes are too snobby to accept pets. The fact is that they are too lazy to create and enforce guidelines for residents that have pets so they just ban them. There is a guy in my complex. (I’m really glad that I don’t know him.) But I’ve heard that he walks around the complex counting how many cats he sees in the windows. Then he reports this to the board!! OOOH would there be trouble if I ever ran into him!!  I pity him because he has nothing better to do than pick on poor innocent animals. He is missing something “upstairs.”  He is indeed an empty man!

So reward your best friend with a dog or cat toy and be thankful that he is always there for you!

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