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September 2023

Do Cats Mind Being Kept Indoors?

Saturday, March 16, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

Does keeping your cat in your house or apartment mean that he is cooped up or he is being kept from harm?  You may hear some people say that keeping a cat indoors all day is cruel but indoor cats are much better off.  If you ask your veterinarian, you would probably be told that your cat will be healthier and have a longer life.  That’s because an indoor cat is less likely to be exposed to bacterial or viral infections.

Last year while bike riding, I came across a dead kitten in the middle of the road. I thought that if that little kitten had a good home and was kept indoors, this wouldn’t have happened. Keeping a cat indoors prevents it from being hit by a car or being attacked by wild animals.  Chances are, an indoor cat won’t pick up any fleas or ticks.

The biggest problem for an indoor cat is boredom. So the solution would be to provide your cat with plenty of cat toys and posts to scratch on and make sure that you play with him often. Give your cat things to look forward to and she will live a very healthy, happy, longer life.

Remember, your pets count!

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