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September 2023

Unfortunately, we can’t stop the aging process in dogs. Thermo pet mats and beds can help them.

Friday, May 7, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

thermo-pet-matWe all suffer aches and pains as we age and unfortunately our beloved pets suffer much the same as we do.  When we are looking for a dog bed for our aging dog, always look for a thick padding of at least 3 inches. I would prefer a 5 inch pad. The thicker the padding, the better.  The standard orthopedic foam is not as dense as memory foam or gel therefore gel or memory foam do not have to be as thick. If a bed is too soft, it will lack the necessary support that arthritic dogs need. The bed should always provide even weight distribution. Before purchasing a bed, consider the size and weight of your dog.  Make sure that the bed provides enough room for him to stretch out. Figure out where the bed will be placed. Consider a heated orthopedic bed or a thermo pet mat.  If your dog is incontinent, consider a waterproof bed.

Gel filled orthopedic beds are  great for the aging pet or any dog that has arthritis or Hip-Dysplasia. They provide maximum support, comfort and great distribution of weight  This will allow your dog a much better sleep. As an added bonus, many of these beds can be thrown in the washer and dryer just as they are.

Memory foam was first developed by NASA years ago. These dog beds are also an exceptional choice of orthopedic dog bed since this foam conforms to your pet’s body while reducing pressure and providing comfort.

Make sure that the bed you purchase provides comfort and enough support for your pet.

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