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November 2023

Can Pets Spread Ringworm?

Monday, January 28, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

This question came up because I heard of a person contacting Ringworm from his cat. He has lots of cats and sometimes it can be difficult to detect which cat is the culprit. has provided us with some insight to this situation. Ringworm appears as a red circle like rash. Although it can be itchy and irritating, it is not serious and can be easily treated. Ringworm is not actually a worm but a fungus.

While you can get ringworm from a pet, you’re more likely to get it from another person. Places such as locker rooms are common areas where the fungus might live, since moist, warm areas are a perfect breeding ground for fungus Protect yourself by wearing sandals in locker rooms and communal showers and by not sharing towels with anyone. (When you get ringworm from a locker room, it’s referred to as “athlete’s foot.”)

While dogs, cats and many other animals can get ringworm, cats are more likely to pick it up than other pets. To prevent the fungus from spreading, promptly take your pet to the veterinarian for diagnosis, treatment and a strategy to prevent a repeat infection. Ringworm can certainly be ugly and itchy, but it’s usually not hard to cure in people or animals, and is typically treated with cream and pills.

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