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December 2023

What Does It Mean When Your Cats Tail Gets Puffed Up?

Saturday, January 26, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

Cats can show their emotions just like humans and when your cats tail gets puffed up there could be a variety of reasons for this. Yesterday I was brushing my  cat Millie as I always do and suddenly her tail began to “puff up.” It didn’t completely puffed up but it was starting to. What caused this, there was no aggression or reason for her to get scared? A cats tail will get puffed up when they are startled or scared. Aggression and anger also will cause your kitty’s tail to puff up. Again, he may hold his tail straight up or straight down. He may also lay his ears back. Another sign is very constricted pupils. Aggressive or angry cats puff up not only their tails, but the fur all over their bodies.

A puffed-up tail can also be a sign of submission. When a submissive cat is trying to avoid a confrontation with a dominant one, his tail puffs up and is lowered or even tucked between his legs. These positions communicate submission to his opponent.

A puffed-up tail can even indicate playful intentions. Kittens frequently puff up their tails while playing. Even adult cats sometimes puff up their tails in play. A playful kitten or cat holds his puffy tail up

So as you can see there are different reason for you kitty to puff it’s tail up. Don’t worry, it’s a normal emotion and will occur from time to time.  Thanks to The for providing some of this information.

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