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December 2021

Incredible Story About Dog Surviving California Fire

Tuesday, December 11, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

Our pets are amazing! They have such great instinct as well as so much unconditional love and affection for us. This is an incredible story about the survival of the family dog after the California fire destroyed their home.

This story is taken from The Daily Mail.

A woman who was forced to leave her dog behind when she evacuated as a wildfire tore through her neighborhood in Northern California last month returned home this week to find the beloved pet waiting in the ashes where her house used to stand.

Volunteer organization K9 Paw Print Rescue shared a photo of the dog named Madison waiting patiently on the property when her owner Andrea Gaylord returned.

The caption explained that Madison’s ‘parents’ were unable to get home to him after the Camp Fire broke out and rapidly expanded across thousands of acres.

‘They hoped and prayed he would be OK. When they finally got clearance to go back to the lot where their house once stood….Madison was waiting there for them as if he were protecting his former home. Never give up!!’ the post read.

A happy ending to a very sad tragedy!

Remember, your pets count!

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