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December 2023

There Goes That Scratchy Meow Again!

Sunday, December 2, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

Cats are creatures of habit. They expect to be fed the same time each day, given treats the same time each day, sleep the same time each day etc. etc..  Some cats don’t express their feelings if something doesn’t get done at the expected time but my cat Millie is not your “typical cat.” She will let us know when we don’t meet her expectations! In the morning, Millie likes the bed made by 8:00am so she could take her morning nap. If we oversleep, we will hear her scratchy meow in the hallway. In the afternoon, while I’m in my home studio recording the next days broadcast for Edgewater Gold Radio. At precisely 5:00pm, I will hear that scratchy meow again outside the door prompting me to stop recording and get Millie her snacks. After I take my shower as I open the bathroom door, there’s Millie sitting there with that scratchy meow again telling me that it’s time for her to be brushed. I count as I brush her. She gets 450 strokes —“What a life!” If I have to cut the brushing short, she will sit there and there goes that scratchy meow again!  On Sunday’s I clean and change her water fountain (Yes Millie has a private fountain.). I have to take the fountain out of the laundry room, empty it, clean it and refill. Millie is on the scene and there goes… guessed it, that scratchy meow again!

Cats are smarter that you think and are wonderful time keepers!

Remember, your pets count!

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