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Some Great Halloween Costumes For Our Furry Friends

Friday, October 12, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

Halloween is upon us and it’s time to get those cool costumes for those cool pets.

Top dog has put together a comprehensive list of great costumes for pets. Here are a few of those ideas.

1. Hot Dog

Best Dog Halloween CostumesWe just HAD to start the list off with this one—for the sake of pun-makers worldwide, we couldn’t neglect our duties—because frankly, it’s cute, especially on wiener dogs (for obvious reasons).

The costume, made by casual canine, fits dogs that are 12-16 inches in length and has two buns and a line of ketchup (all made with polyester). The straps are adjustable and Velcro and, frankly, if you have a dog, at some point you should dress him or her up as a hot dog. Even though your dog won’t know why it’s funny—dogs can’t understand puns, sadly—you’ll get a laugh from the human crowd.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean

Best Dog Halloween CostumesHonestly, when I first saw the picture for this costume, I was a little confused. For a second, I thought it was a picture of a very short, oddly proportioned upright dog with a giant head wearing a tiny pirate costume.

But then I realized that the costume fits on your dog’s forelegs and head (the torso of the costume goes down your dog’s front like a half shirt and the pants go on the forelegs), making him look like a little buccaneer; there’s even a hook and pirate hat to go with it. It comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large, with the maximum weight being 44 pounds. It’s also machine washable, meaning that even if your dog gets it dirty, you’ll be able to wash and reuse.

3. Lion

Best Dog Halloween CostumesAnother classic, this lion costume contains a fabulously poofy mane that fits all the way around your dog’s neck and head. It’s made of fake fur and polyester, and it’s also washable.

This will especially look cute on a golden retriever, as their fur is close to the same color as the wig. Put this on your puppy and watch the cuteness as you realize just how non-lion like he or she really is.

4. Minion

Best Dog Halloween CostumesBased on the Despicable Me movies from Universal Studios, the “minions” have inspired both love and hatred all over the country; love on the part of people who think they’re adorable, and hatred on the part of people who are tired of seeing their merchandise.

Whatever your position on the new minion trend, this doggy costume is adorable. It features the minion’s blue overalls that go on your dog’s torso and the goggles that go on the top of your dog’s head. It’s suggested for smaller dogs with a 17-inch chest and a 15-inch neck to tail length.

5. The Lady is a Tramp

Best Dog Halloween CostumesThis costume, which looks remarkably like something the Jersey Shore girls would wear—Snookie especially—has a leopard-print dress with fake cleavage and a black wig that goes on your dog’s head.

It also has fur boots that go on your dog’s paws, making her look like a total diva. It’s especially cute on small dogs, who won’t understand why everyone’s laughing hysterically at them (especially their fake cleavage), but will probably like the attention anyway.

6. Superman

Best Dog Halloween CostumesIt’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s your dog in a superhero costume! This costume has the Superman logo and tights that go down your dog’s torso, making him look like the man in blue (albeit a tiny, barking version).

It comes in several sizes, from extra-small to extra-large. Even your tiny puppy can feel like he has super-strength with this on. For a finishing touch, it also comes with a cape!

7. Batman

Best Dog Halloween CostumesAlong that superhero vein, if you’re more of a Batman person (I am!), dress your dog up as the Dark Knight. This costume comes in four sizes, from extra-small to extra-large, and it contains a chest piece with the Batman logo, the Bat’s headgear, and a long cape, complete with a utility belt.

For anyone who’s a total comic book nerd like me, this is the perfect costume to dress your dog up in. Sure, his or her missions won’t be as glamorous—barking at the poor mailman isn’t the same thing as saving Gotham—but hey, all superheroes start somewhere.

8. The Pope

Best Dog Halloween CostumesNo disrespect to the beloved Pontifex, but this costume is pretty funny. It comes with a large Miter (which, to be exact, is actually worn by a bishop or abbot but this is a dog’s costume so we’re already not playing by the rules), a white cassock, a Papal mozzetta with a cross on it, and a stole with paw prints.

Hopefully, Pope Francis would find this dog-version of the papal Regalia funny and inoffensive. The name of the costume, fittingly, is “Holy Hound.”

9. Pikachu

Best Dog Halloween CostumesThis doesn’t just have to be a costume; it’s also good for pajamas, sweater-wearing, and cold weather. It’s made of comfortable fleece in the pattern of the beloved Pokémon character Pikachu, and it’s made for small dogs that can pull the Pikachu look off the best.

If you have kids at home who are big fans of the Pokemon anime, then having your dog dress up as one of their main characters will make the Halloween that much more special for the child.

10. Stegosaurus

Best Dog Halloween CostumesFor those of you, like me, who are not up on your dinosaur lingo, the Stegosaurus was the one with the long tail, long neck, and ridges on its neck.

This doggy costume comes in a shiny green, gray, or multicolored pattern and covers your dog’s whole body, making him or her look like a dinosaur with big spikes on his or her back. There’s even a little headpiece for the dinosaur, but instead of a ferocious, oversized lizard glaring back at you, your dog’s cheerful face will poke out.

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