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October 2023

Another Lost Beloved Pet – A Tribute to Pet Lovers Everywhere

Wednesday, August 8, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

Sad news came upon our community yesterday. We lost another beloved pet.  Jovi, a sweet, lovable Irish Setter succumbed to heart failure at age 15.  Our hearts are heavy and feel sad today for our neighbor and friend who adopted Jovi and gave her a wonderful, life in her Autumn and Winter years. There is something to be said for people who give new life to older pets. Our friend adopts older dogs and gives them one last chance for a great life!  It takes lots of love to adopt an older dog knowing that time always wins out and our beloved new friend can leave us much too soon.

There is something to be said for pet lovers. Pets fill a gap in our lives like humans can never do. Pets never disappoint, pets never set limitations, they never judge us, tell us what to do, snub or abandon us, treat us mean and I could go on and on. Pets are there for us through thick and thin. When we’ve had a rough day (because of what humans do to us!) our pets great us with a wag or a purr assuring us that peace will be restored to our crazy lives.

My partner and I will always be pet lovers and would prefer a having a loyal pet and sacrifice some things such as travel because our pets fill our hearts with warmth and love. We wouldn’t give that up for anything.

So there’s something to be said to all pet lovers. You are a very special, loving ,spiritual breed!

A tribute to the wonderful people who nurture and adopt pets and sacrifice their own lives to give new life to these wonderful animals!

Remember, your pets count!

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