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December 2023

Do Cat Tail Size Matter?

Tuesday, August 7, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

I was in the pet store yesterday and saw this adorable kitten that looked like a mixed breed but it had an unusually short tail. I was wondering if something happened to the tail but after inquiring I was told that the tail was natural. The cat was born like that. Do the sizes of your cats tail matter? There are some cats that are tail less like the Manx.

Here are some reasons for a variation of cat tail sizes prepared by The Nest.

Chances are your fabulous feline is mixed – most cats are. Her tail may or may not be the same length of her body, or her tail might seem extra long or short for her size. In general, however, a cat’s tail will be close to its body length. If you’re curious and Fluffy just won’t hold still for that measuring tape, you might try to stand her up on her hind legs and see if the tail still reaches the floor – that is, if it isn’t kinked, curled or bobbed. Many mixed breed cats carry genes that affect tail structure and length resulting in these various unusual-looking tails.

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