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October 2022

Looking for a Dog the Doesn’t Shed, try a Maltese

Friday, August 3, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

If you’re looking for a dog that doesn’t shed, there are lots of choices but today we’ll focus on one, the Maltese. The Village Veterinarian has described this breed and the description may convince you to adopt one.


This toy breed is hugely popular, it originates from the Central Mediterranean area with its name being derived from the country Malta. They are typically no more than eight pounds and under a foot in height. A Maltese will usually live for twelve to fifteen years giving it an ideal lifespan for owners who want as much time with their pet as possible. They have a rounded skull and a button nose with brown eyes and their drop ears are one of their more defining features. If this breed doesn’t get outside very much, their originally black nose may turn to pink or light brown, often referred to as a “winter nose” which will regain its black color when they get more sun exposure. They don’t have an undercoat so they can sometimes be more sensitive to the cold and their coat is long and silky meaning they will require a lot of maintenance despite their non-shedding characteristic.

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