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September 2023

Are You Up At Night Tending to Kitty?

Wednesday, August 1, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

If you just got a new kitten, you probably know that cats are nocturnal animals. Their night time antics can keep you up at night.The sometimes behave like newborns and cry all night. Nineteen years ago when my cat Molly was just five weeks old, she kept me up crying every night. I got up and picked her up. I then put her in a box beside my bed and pet her until she fell asleep.

In the interest of your own sanity as well as your kittens health and safety, set the ground rules early on.  If you allow your kitten to sleep in your bed overnight, you may be setting a precedent that you may later regret. Prepare a cat bed for kitty.  Place it somewhere quiet, warm and cozy. If  your kitten is very young, you may want to consider a large cage to keep him in overnight for a few weeks.

If kitty continues to climb out of his bed and into yours, you may want to keep him in a separate room at night. Remember, your pets count!

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