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December 2023

Diet for Dogs With Problems Gaining Weight Because of Health Problems

Monday, July 30, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

Some dogs have trouble gaining weight due to health problems. For these dogs, only a veterinarian-approved diet for that dog should be considered. However, if your dog is healthy, there are some foods that can help with weight gain.



  • Dogs who need to gain weight should be fed dog food that contains real meat and isĀ  a premium dog food. The first five ingredients should list chicken, beef, venison, lamb or turkey without the words “meal” or “byproducts” after the meat name.


  • Brown rice, millet and whole-wheat pasta are good sources of carbohydrates for a dog’s diet. However, when trying to get your dog to gain weight, these items should account for no more than 20 percent of its total diet.

Natural Proteins

  • Chicken, eggs, rabbit, fish, beef and tripe are good sources of protein that are easily digested by dogs. If you opt to feed your dog chicken, make sure that you take the bones out before mixing it with the other food.

Canned Food

  • Canned dog food, when coupled with dry kibble, can help a dog to gain weight. Canned food usually contains more meat and water than dry kibble. It’s also easier for your dog to digest which is necessary for weight gain.

Vegetables –

Vegetables should be a part of your dogs diet but check with your vet because your dogs vegetables needs could vary. Your vet will recommend foods containing vegetables and which vegetables are safe to feed to your dog.

Make sure you are working with your veterinarian when developing this diet. Dogs are different than humans and need different combinations or nutrients.

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