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Our Pets Deserve a Fair Shake

Thursday, July 26, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

Everyone loves the thought of adopting a cute dog or cat that they see at the shelter or at a pet store but the problem is that many people should never own a pet. Why?  The answer stems from a variety of reasons. One may be that they don’t have the space for a pet. Dogs need lots of space and need to be outdoors regularly for exercise. It’s not fair to coop a pet up in an apartment where they rarely get any exercise. Another main reason why some people should not own a pet is that they can’t devote the amount of time or energy required to properly provide that necessary love and care. Many pets are left alone for many hours while their owners are spending many hours at the office. One last reason that I will cover today, I rarely mention but sometimes an owners overall health limits the capability of caring for a pet. Dependence a drugs or alcohol is the biggest “no no.” It is just not fair for innocent animals to be subjected to neglect and even put in danger because their owners are out of their minds high where their reasoning is impaired and the poor pet is not being properly taken care of. Keep in mind, I have very little tolerance for addiction. Let me clarify, addiction causes individuals to only care about themselves and their addiction. Everything around them is not important. Therefore our pets frequently are neglected and are put in great danger! For those of your reading this, if you have an addition problem, get help and get on with your life!

Let your conscience be your guide. Before you adopt at pet, evaluate your situation and for heavens sake, don’t adopt a pet if you can’t take care of it!

Remember, your pets count!

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