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That finiky cat! You tempt her with treats, lure her to her bowl with cat toys and you hold your breath!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

cats-eating-at-their-bowls1So you have one of those cats. The kind that meows for food then as you place her food down, you hold your breath. Will she eat it? No she doesn’t. She  just walks away with a look of disgust. She has just  rejected another great entree.  You open another kind of food but still you get the same reaction. What do you do when that finiky cat just won’t eat? Cats may enjoy one kind of food for a long time then get tired of it and just won’t eat it anymore. My cat’s get tired of their treats. At one time, they would go crazy for them now, they could care less if they get them or not.  Believe it or not, most cats are not that finiky. If your cat doesn’t eat, it could be a medical problem like a toothache, respiratory infection or even a kidney infection. After you’re vet has ruled out a medical problem, consider her feeding environment. If her bowl is too small, it may make her face uncomfortable when she goes to eat. You must also consider what you are washing her bowl with. One of my cats does not like a particular dish detergent. When I use it, she won’t eat from that bowl.  Try a larger bowl or a different bowl to see if this cures the problem.

A cats appetite is also affected by stress.  Does your cat share her bowl with another cat? If so, the other cat my dominate and inhibit you cat from eating comfortably. Is the room where she is eating noisy? Cats don’t like to eat in noisy environments.  They also don’t like to eat if there is a toddler pulling it’s tail or making loud noises in the room where she’s eating.  Did you recently move? This can be another reason why your cat is not eating. She has to get used to her new environment.  I know you are tired of luring her to her bowl with treats, cat toys, etc. but be patient, she will eat when she’s hungry!

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