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November 2023

A Visit From Molly – A Little Sign from Heaven

Thursday, July 12, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

No matter what our religious beliefs are, a loss of a family member or precious pet triggers lots of emotions. We wonder where they are, are the safe?, are they happy? or even  are anywhere at all? I strongly believe that our pets are in heaven waiting patiently for our arrival. I also believe that God knows how much we miss them and sometimes sends they back to remind us that they’re ok.  The moments are very brief but also very real.

My cat Molly would always jump on the bed from the opposite side climb across my feet and snuggle next to me. I would feel her little paws gently walking over my feet as she came for her nightly snuggle. Last night, I awakened to soft little paws climbing over my feet just like Molly has done for many years. I initially thought that it was our other cat Millie who usually sleeps in the sun room on the other side of the house. Millie never climbs in bed to snuggle but I sprung up anyway. Nothing was there –no Millie. So I went back to sleep only to feel those same paws climbing over my feet once again. I sprung up a second time and once again….nothing.

I was missing Molly in recent days and I believe that God sent her into my room last night to remind me that she is OK and she is happily waiting for my arrival. This is very comforting for individuals who lost a loved one or a pet. The visits are not frequent and they are very unexpected. So if a pet or person who has passed gives you a little sign every now and then, rejoice! They are in a better place and are patiently waiting your arrival.

Remember , your pets count!

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