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December 2023

Watch Out A Beagle is On The Run!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

My next door neighbor owns the sweetest Beagle. He is a friendly energetic dog. Beagles make great pets but if they get loose, they will follow their nose and run away. Yesterday, my neighbors Beagle got loose as he was going for his walk. I got in my car and searched the neighborhood and after a little while, I heard a dragging sound in the back of my car. I stopped, got out and their was little Bartley strolling down the street, dragging his leash. I reached for the leash and Bartley was glad to come along with me as I took him home. All is well with little Bartley.

The Beagle is one dog that follows his nose! This is a deep, inbred instinct and therefore having a dog that runs away and chases after scents is part of owning a Beagle. This is not to say that this cannot be controlled in a healthy way. For details on this and some great tips to help with this issue, read: Beagle Running Behavior .

Thanks to for giving us a great resource to help curb this behavior.

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