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October 2023

Don’t Mess With a Cats’ Routine

Monday, April 30, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

Cats don’t like change. Moving a cat dish or removing something like their favorite bed can stress them out. Cats are very routine creatures. They are used to doing the same things everyday. My cat Millie is used to drinking from her water fountain. When I remove it to change the water, she begins to meow. Yesterday, I removed the bed spread to wash the sheets. Her blanket is on the bed spread so I put it on the floor while the sheets were in the washer. She stood by her blanket and was clearly upset that it wasn’t where it was supposed to be.

Cats don’t like to vary their routine. They prefer the status quo .  Changes to their routine such as moving to a new place, welcoming holiday visitors, or adopting a new pet could really get your cat bend out of shape and leave her feeling stressed and anxious.  Boredom could also cause anxiety. Signs of stress include not using the litter box properly, non stop grooming, hiding under the bed for hours on end or becoming aggressive.

To limit the stress to your cat, make any changes as gradual as possible. Give her as much time as possible to adjust to new situations.  If your cat shows ongoing signs of stress, consult your veterinarian.  Remember, your pets count!

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