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September 2023

Look For Hints that Your Cat Is Trying to Tell You Something!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

Your cat will leave you hints to let you know how they feel. If you’re lazy about cleaning the litter box, your cat may leave you a smelly present on your favorite chair or your pillow. Cats are very clean animals and like their environment to be clean also. This is why the are always cleaning themselves. Do you ever notice that sometimes your cat cleans himself after you’ve petted him or picked him up? ┬áThat’s because they’re angry that you touched them and are cleaning off your scent. What an insult! Another insult is when a cat turns his back on you and flicks his tail. When he does this, he is really ticked off. What did you do to make him so mad? Another form of communications is verbal. When your cat is meowing, he is calling attention to something like, he’s hungry, wants t0 play or wants you to change the litter box. My cat meows when she wants snacks or for me to brush her. Pay attention to your cats sounds and actions, he is trying to tell you something.

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