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June 2023

When Should You Call The Vet?

Monday, April 2, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy


My cat Molly had many visits to the vet before she passed. The problem is knowing when to call the vet. Go by your hunches, they are usually correct.

Suppose that you notice that your dog just isn’t acting like herself, how do you know when to call your veterinarian?  First be assured that your hunch that there is something wrong will be taken very seriously by your veterinarian. You know your dog better than anyone else.  When you call the veterinary clinic, be prepared for questions like is your dog panting?  salivating?  Were has she been and what has she’s been eating?  If you prefer, before you call, look up symptoms in a pet first aid book or on the web. A systematic review of symptoms will help you and your vet know what to do next.  It could be nothing and your dog will be her old self by dinner time or maybe it’s time for a checkup. Even if there is any doubt in your mind, don’t hesitate to ask and always call your vet for any abnormal symptoms or behavior. Never administer any pet medication without the professional advice or your vet.

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