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Cats Have Different Personalities Just Like Dogs

Friday, March 23, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

I’ll  start by telling you that after the passing of my beloved cat Molly, I am still not at the point of adopting another pet. However the temptation is always there.

Today, I saw a posting by Savannah Animal Hospital showing a picture of a young cat that looked so much like my Molly. This cat was up for adoption and believe me, it was very very tempting. I almost wanted to call and say that I want her but quickly came to my senses. I read the description which indicated that this cat liked to be alone, could be difficult at times and may not get along with other cats. That would immediately put her out of the running if I was ready to adopt another pet.

We have our second cat Millie, who is skiddish and since Molly’s passing, she’s just starting to feel more comfortable and come out of the bedroom to spend time with us.  Molly was our first cat and ruled the roost. She really didn’t like Millie. I learned after adopting Millie, that if you have a female cat and later bring home another female, the first cat will resent her and this never changes.

I would never consider bringing another cat or dog  home  and run the risk of our new pet terrorizing my little Millie.

Before adopting a cat, ask about their personality. You should be able to tell if the adoption is a good fit for your family and other pets in your home.

Remember, your pets count!

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