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December 2023

Greyhounds are “Gods Greyts”

Wednesday, March 21, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

If you are looking to do something really great, and love animals, why not consider adopting a senior Greyhound? God’s Greyts is a volunteer organization dedicated to placing greyhounds over the age of 7 into permanent loving forever homes. They also educate the public about this elegant breed.

When a racing greyhound’s career is over, usually between the ages 2 to 4, they make the best companions. Often forgotten, however, are the seniors. These are special dogs who have been used for breeding, abandoned in shelters or returned to adoption groups because they are “too old” or because they just don’t fit into our lifestyle anymore.

It is heartbreaking and sad that these wonderful animals were uprooted and bounced around when these amazing souls should be enjoying their golden years.

Gods Greyts of Delmarva depends entirely on fundraising and donations to help the senior Greys.

So if it’s in your heart to donate or adopt one of these unique, warm, wonderful creatures you can contact God’s Greyts at 423- 244-4361.  These creatures are couch potatoes, Intelligent and friendly by nature, eager to please, minimal shedders, great with kids and other pets, quiet, less demanding, adaptable and content. Have I sold you on one yet?

Remember, your pets count!

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