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December 2023

Is Your Cat A Candidate For a Kidney Transplant?

Saturday, March 10, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

As you know my cat Molly had chronic Kidney disease before she passed. As a pet owner, we would do anything to keep our pet alive for as long as we can. In some cases, a Kidney transplant could be a possible solution. The problem is of course the cost, stage of CRF and age of the cat.  A kidney transplant could prolong a cats life for six years or more and is the only way to cure feline kidney disease.

Timing is critical. A kidney transplant should be done before the disease gets too advanced. If your cat, is in the final stages of the disease, it may be too late for a kidney transplant. Your vet will advise you whether a kidney transplant is a viable option for your feline friend.

In the case of Molly, she was diagnosed at age 15 and managed it for over 3 years. Molly was 18 1/2 when she passed about a month ago. Age and quality of life must also be considered when determining if your pet is a candidate for a kidney transplant.

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