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December 2023

Can Departed Pets Return for A Visit?

Thursday, March 1, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

My Molly has been gone for almost four weeks now. She is greatly missed. I’m convinced that our pets have souls and cross that beautiful rainbow bridge and wait for us on the other side. I also believe that they may pay us a visit every now and then just to let us know that they are OK. Since Molly’s passing, there have been several instances where I believe she came back to check up on me. The first was in a very real dream. I feltĀ  myself leave my body and arrive at Savannah Animal Hospital where I was last with Molly. Molly was lying on the counter and as I pet her, she got up and jumped on my shoulder. I pet her head and felt her fur so soft and smooth. It was unbelievably real! I suddenly felt myself, move backward, Molly began to fade and I wound up back in my body lying in my bed. Needless to say I was very sad but also happy because I believe that was a message that she was OK.

A few nights ago while I was watching TV, there were three times that I could swear I saw Molly go into the laundry room, walk down the hall toward me and sit where her food bowls were. I believe she may have been her checking on me. The next day Jim came from the bathroom and swore thatĀ  he saw Molly sitting by the bathroom door like she always did.

The bond with our pets is very strong. I strongly believe that their little bodies are restored to a perfect state and they are living in pure bliss and love waiting for us to arrive on the other side.

Remember, your pets count!

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