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November 2023

Canine Hair Loss

Tuesday, February 27, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

Hair loss constantly happens in a dogs life. When should you be concerned that your dog is losing too much hair?  If you see areas of bare skin exposed, there is something definitely wrong.  If this is the case, check your dog for other bald spots. Do this by wearing a rubber glove and gently check all other areas while talking gently to your dog.

  • Is the hair loss confined to only one area or is it generalized? If it’s all over, sometimes this is due to an under active thyroid gland. Patchy areas of hair loss could be due to an infection or parasite infestation. If it’s a single area, it could be due to an injury. Keep monitoring the spot to make sure that there’s no bleeding or brusing.
  • Does your dog have a rash?  A rash or other irritation could directly affect the hair folicles and cause hair loss.
Always wear disposable gloves when checking your dog. It could be Ringworm which is highly contagious even to humans.
Do not administer any pet medication yourself. Take your dog to the vet for proper diagnosis and treatment. He may need antibiotics. Remember, your pets count!
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