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November 2023

When Is It Time to Adopt A New Pet After Losing One?

Friday, February 23, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

This is a very tough question to answer. There are so many emotions that we are faced with after losing a beloved pet. As you know, I recently lost my little Molly and we are still feeling the emptiness and sadness without her. We eventually would love to adopt at dog but right now it’s much too soon! We also have another cat, Millie. She is getting used to the fact that Molly is gone.  They were never close but it still affects her. We would never want to traumatize her  and introduce another pet so soon after Molly.

Another main fact to consider is guilt. I  know Molly is in a better place and I still want to mourn her loss. I’m not ready for my attention to be diverted to another pet. In time, that will change, Molly is forever in my heart and I will know that at some point I could love and care for a new friend and family member.

My advice, give yourself time after the loss of a beloved pet. You will know when you are able to open up your heart and take in another pet!  This time will vary from person to person but in your heart, you will know.

Remember, your pets count!

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