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Seniors Adopting a Senior Dog

Monday, February 19, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

Today, I was reading about a senior couple in the Las Vegas area who wanted to adopt a pet but were denied every dog that they wanted to adopt.  A volunteer at suggested that they consider adopting a senior dog. They took their advice and adopted a nine year old dog which they love and cherish. Puppies are like grandchildren. They are full of love, yet leave seniors exhausted! Senior dogs nap more  and are more mellow than puppies. They are also usually housebroken.

Did you know that in most states, people can now create a trust for their pet? They can put funds into it and in this way, benefit their pet by naming a trustee and caretaker to assure that it will be taken care of until it passes away. In the trust they can state all of their wishes. Singer Dusty Springfield did this and stated that she wanted her dog fed only imported baby food and also wanted it’s bed lined with her nightgowns and her records played when it went to sleep.

Even though I don’t think that seniors should be denied to right to adopt a pet, this option makes sense and can solve the problem.

Remember, your pets count!

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