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December 2023

Dog Breeds and Health Issues

Friday, February 16, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

Every breed will face some health issues as they age.  If you are thinking of adopting a dog, you should look into some of the health issues that are associated with certain breeds.  A few of the breeds with health challenges are:

Shar-Pei – This wrinkle faced dog along with others of this type such as the English Bulldog are prone to skin infections. Their skin must be cleaned and checked regularly to prevent any problems. Various pet medications prescribed by your veterinarian could help cure these infections but prevention is always best.

Rhodesian Ridgeback  – This breed has a ridge of hair along the spine that grows backward. It looks beautiful but unfortunately, it frequently caused spine and back problems for the dog.

Inbreeding by puppy mills and irresponsible backyard breeders have created a whole new set of problems for otherwise healthy dog breeds. A couple of very popular breeds that now face health problems are the Labrador Retriever and German Shepherds. They are more prone to hip dysplasia than lots of other breeds.

It’s always a good idea to know these risks before adopting a dog.

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