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November 2023

Can You Train A Small Dog To Use A Litter Box?

Monday, January 15, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

It is actually possible to train a small dog to use a litter box. The advantages of this is that it could eliminate bathroom accidents. It’s great for people living in apartments. Your dog would be able to go at any time during the day. It also reduces the number of trips outside. This really helps in bad weather when lots of dogs don’t like going outside. Small dogs have small bladders and having a litter box will make it easier to have them go more frequently.

First of all, you’ll need a litter box especially made for dogs. There are some companies like Purina who make them. They’re also available through most pet retailers. You can use a large cat litter box. Put the box on a surface that’s easy to clean like a tiled floor.

To train your dog, you can shift your puppy from using newspaper to the litter box. Instead of taking your dog from the crate to the yard, take him from the crate to the litter box. Always reward him with a dog treat when appropriate. Correct him if he goes somewhere else and praise him when he is successful.

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