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September 2023

Why do cats sleep so much? I can never have too many cat beds!

Friday, July 17, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy


I’m on vacation in southern Delaware and my two cats are with me. It is Friday, July 17th and it’s hot and humid. My two cats are now fast asleep on the screened in porch. It’s air conditioned inside but the heat does not seem to bother them. Everyday, they take their nap at about 10:30am until around 5:00pm or so. What a life! They also sleep at night. So just how many hours do cats sleep?  They sleep an average of 13  to 16 hours everyday.  Only bats and opossum’s sleep longer. They are most active a dawn and dusk. This explains why they wake me up every morning at about 5:00am. My older cat, Mollie will sit on my nightstand and gently stroke my face to get my attention. If this does not work, she will proceed to knock over the telephone, my eyeglasses, clock radio etc. I must heed her call and get up. I eventually get out of bed, pick up all of the debris left behind and proceed to the kitchen to give her a can of her wet food. This usually keeps her busy for awhile.  My younger cat, Millie likes to play in the evening. At about 8:00pm each night, she will let me know that she is ready to play by her meow.  If I don’t get her stick toy, she will proceed to do things that she is not supposed to like go behind the TV. She’ll even get up on the TV stand and try to block my view. (Who says that cats are not smart?) I then give in get her stick toy and begin playing with her. I must continue until she is ready to stop!

So why do cats sleep so much?  Nobody’s sure, but cats evolved from a long line of hunters and predators which may explain their sleep patterns.

May sure that you stock up on the cat beds and get ready for some exercise in the evenings!

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