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December 2023

Training Your Puppy using Wee Wee Pads

Tuesday, December 19, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

There are several things that you need to remember when training your pup to use a wee wee pad.  First lay the pad in a specific area of a single room.  You should contain them to a certain room. Giving them free run of the house will make it difficult to monitor their behavior. Only use one wee wee pad at a time.  Keep the pads in the same place all the time. If you move them, your pup may  become confused and pee in the spot where the pad was originally.

Place your pup on the wee wee pad at key times throughout the day like right after he eats and drinks or right after he wakes up. Carry him to the pad and place him in the center. Don’t put him right besides the pad or he will pee on the floor. Praise him and give him some treats every time he pees on the pad.

Watch for warning signs that your pup wants to pee like sniffing around the floor and circling while sniffing. Place him in the center of the pad immediately. Again praise him and give him treats after he pees. After awhile he should go to the pad to pee by himself.

Remember, your pets count!

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