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March 2024

Heartwarming Pet Rescue on a Cold Cold Day!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

One day, a customer raced into a hardware store in south western Wisconsin and told the manager that there was  what sounded like a kitten yowling loudly inside of a pickup truck. The manager ran out to investigate and he heard the sound of  the frantic kitten too. The sounds were  coming from inside a wheel well. But the manager couldn’t see the kitten. The manager whose name was Bob ran back into the store and told a staff member to call the Humane Society and the police department. He asked another staff member to try to find the owner of the vehicle.  Bob got his tools and crawled under the truck. He saw the kitten but could not get to him.

Soon the animal control officer showed up, as did a patrolman. A television station crew showed up too alerted by a report on police radio scanner!

Bob still worked hard and he finally freed the tiny kitten, pulled him out and handed him over to the animal control officer. The TV Crew interviewed them and the segment aired that afternoon and evening. The kitten went to the Humane Society where it was examined and later adopted.

I love this true story because we live in a world where cats are so often devalued and people seem to be becoming much colder, there are ordinary people who will urgently do everything in their power to save a helpless kitten.

Remember, your pets count and have a Merry Christmas!

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