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December 2023

Kitty’s First Meal

Monday, December 4, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

Young  kittens nurse from their mother from six to eight weeks but three weeks is a good time to get them started on solid food. Don’t worry, they have plenty of appetite for both kinds of food. That’s because young kittens need one and a half as much protein and three times as many calories per pound of body weight as an adult cat. This is easy to provide if you choose a commercially prepared kitten food, a so called “growth diet.” Make sure that you follow label instructions on how much to feed and how often. Feed a high quality food for kittens. The time will come when growth formula is too rich for your adult cat so consult with your veterinarian about the right time to switch your cats diet.  Now that you kitten is eating solid foods, soon it will be time to train him to use a litter box.  You could use a self cleaning litter box but if you’re like me, you may be better off with a simple old fashioned one.

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