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December 2023

Fantastic Diabetic Assist Dogs

Saturday, September 30, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

People with Type 1 Diabetes can monitor their blood sugar levels during the day but at night, while sleeping, their blood sugar levels could drop dangerously low and could cause coma or even death. That’s where our best friends come in. There are dogs that could be trained to sniff out a specific scent in the human breath that can indicate rapidly dropping blood sugar or low blood sugar levels. These dogs are trained to touch or nudge the person so that they wake up and take care of the problem. It also informs them that they should get something to eat to prevent hypoglycemia, or their blood sugars getting to a dangerous level.┬áThe canine partner can also be trained to retrieve juice or glucose tabs, get an emergency phone, or get help from another person in the house.

Dogs are evaluated when they are puppies to determine whether or not they could be trained to be a Diabetic Assist dog. Once it’s determined that the pup can be trained to assist patients with type 1 Diabetes, they begin scent training.

A person experiencing hypoglycemia produces a particular scent, found on the breath, due to chemical changes in their body. All people produce the same scent when they have low blood sugar. These incredible animals not only provide love and companionship  but they can be vital to survival for persons with Type one diabetes!

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